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I invented this pen - for kids!

Just to make them aware about mistakes! Not to autocorrect them (which is naturally not possible). But kids in most of the cases just need attention - they know often what’s right. This pen gives them a really small signal "think again". That’s amazing to learn better to write.

It’s almost 2 years ago. But still a public topic. Today Futurism from US wrote about...

But - Futurism is late.

We missed to get the bigger financing in Germany and I had painfully to close the whole Startup and fire everybody... Project is not existing anymore till now - even if we found the way how to do it really revolutionary.

How far one should go... For an idea... For ideas they are for the good?

I risked in these years for the Startup a lot. For my team, for the possible customers and for the investors. We all loosed. And I’m sure, if i tried that time to do the same in US or China - we will be on the market now. It is about "big thinking". About aggressivity to go for ideas and business. Both i really miss in Germany and "old Europe".

My conclusion is simple. In Europe we are great innovators in the sense of "evolution". But in US and China we see great innovators in the sense of "revolution"! And that makes a big difference. In the last years this effect speeding up and we already live in a "new time" which is all about fragmentation and disruption. Which makes me scared about Europe. We will get so fast behind - just refine and evolve maybe, what others really invent. We will just run behind all these disruptive things.

Maybe relocate? Toronto? London? Stockholm? Moscow? Or even direct to the Valley... To Shenzen, Nanjing, Wuhu?

We already think about ))

Is it too dark what i think? Just write me your opinion....

And - don’t give up. Innovate!

Technical Rendering about the VibeWrite Learning Pen.
VibeWrite Learning Pen

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