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Professional Innovation & Product Development | Digital Transformation

Change is the constant and new developments appear faster every day. 
To keep up with the speed, we need a clear focus for new products and sales ideas.


Innovation and product-focus, re-framing and new market creation, disruption.

A mix of Business-Model, Tech- and Marketing innovations.
I do not accept the status quo!

This is, what i deliver. CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Product Officer on demand.

- Listed within the 100 Most Creative People in Business worldwide
  (Fast Company’s 2013)

- Multiple awards including "Best product Award".

- Applied more then 30 Patents

- Reduced costs for companies by 75%
  (Hosting and Product Development)

- Many successful teams build. 
  Talents scouted, sourced & developed.

- (Real) agile methods introduced and applied.
  Lean & Design thinking.

- Global press coverage, Radio and TV casts 
  (just search Falk Wolsky)

What others say

"Falk Wolsky is a guy who challenges both traditional ways of thinking and traditional ways of business. He’s unorthodox, a true strategic thinker, technology-savy, endlessly curious and – as far as I can judge – a good programmer, too.


But here’s where it gets interesting: All at the same time, he is a trusting and trustworthy, empathetic and straightforward, welcoming and supportive team player. And: an inspiring leader. Falk knows how to excite and ignite people.


He sees the big picture as well as tiny details.


He understands technology better than most people I know and, at the same time, understands how it affects people emotionally and in their lives. I had the pleasure of launching a high-potential startup together with him and I saw him fight for this venture’s life with all of his life’s blood. And through these times – promising, successful and challenging – I always knew that I could personally count on his honesty, transparency and trust. To me, that’s worth a fortune – in life, as well as in business."

Daniel Kaesmacher

Ideas, that move! B2C, B2B, H2H

"Falk is a manager you can only wish for. Very professional and a visionary. The way he thinks like and comes up with solutions are unique.

While everyone else sees only issues, Falk is the one who comes up with solutions. He has a profound knowledge in modern software development and technology trends and is always ready to share it with others. His way of leading people is exemplary and refreshing. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I hope our ways will cross at some point again."

Denis Prekrat

Senior Product Owner at IBM iX

"Falk was my direct superior and gladly worked under his leadership as a team leader in the role of SAP Solution Architects. I valued him as a visionary and as a sparring partner when it came to exploring the possibilities of new and innovative technologies.


He always knew how to motivate me and my team under difficult conditions. Under Falk's leadership, we implemented in an extremely short time (4 months) an innovative SAP based solution consisting of SAP CAR, SAP ECC, SAP Cloud, Twillio, React, node.js, hosted as a web service in the MS Azure Cloud.


He is an excellent visionary for me, who knows how to combine new technologies into new solutions and transfer them into business applications. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to work under his guidance."

Ulf Hermann

SAP Solution Architect

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